Top 10 Rome Annual Events

1. International Urban Theatre Festival

International Urban Theatre FestivalThis annual event takes place for three days in early September, for people who love the arts and performances of theatre. The streets of Rome are filled with people wishing to head to various theatres Rome has to offer, both on the streets and open air venues. Interestingly, the first night of this festival is referred to as the ‘off’ festival which offers a chance for rising stars of theatre to have their chance to shine and make a name for themselves. This festival will give you a chance to watch first class performances which will blow you away, and the great ting about this festival is the fact that it is free of charge!
Location : Various streets and venues in Rome
When : September

2. Roma Europa Festival

Roma Europa FestivalThe Roma Europa Festival is a festivity of modern art and theatre performances that has successfully gone on for over two decades. Throughout the month of September, locals and visitors can enjoy stupendous performances in the fields of drama, opera, music and various dances at nearly all venues offered in Rome. You are sure to witness the best performances in each and every field as this is a truly magnificent festival to attend.
Location : Various venues in Rome
When : September

3. Rome Hip-Hop Parade

Rome Hip-Hop ParadeWhen thinking of hip hop music, most people would not associate this genre of music with Rome, but believe it or not this parade is very popular amongst locals and visitors alike. This is a parade where participants can enjoy hip hop and street culture and it is considered as one of the leading events held in Rome. This event lasts for five days, taking place in September (dates vary), Italian dancers show off their stuff on the streets and for those who like competition, break dance competitions are on hand for you to enjoy. Various parties are held, graffiti workshops are available for those who like graffiti art and many more events are offered.
Location : Various locations in Rome
When : September

4. La Notte Bianca

La Notte BiancaThis is an event taking place in early September of every year where numerous shops, galleries, restaurants, theatres and museums open until late into the night in order to support fine arts, cultural activities and the multiculturalism of Rome. There will be performances of dance, music and theatre including visual arts exhibits which will go on through the night for locals and visitors to take in. What makes this celebration special is the fact that during the night, acts of charity re performed and secondly, after 10pm, public transportation becomes free of charge!
Location : Various venues in Rome
When : September

5. Rome Film Festival

Rome Film FestivalRome Film Festival takes place in October of every year, drawing crowds of movie lovers from all over the country and also the world. During this event, 600 screenings of first-class films are offered to movie goers to enjoy, amongst the crowds in the past years were the likes of ‘The Fugitive’ Harrison Ford and ‘The American Gigolo’ Richard Gere. Apart from the film side of this festival, restaurants in Rome present various types of food inspired by movies, glitzy fashion shows and book parties. This festival enjoys crowds of up to half a million each year, this is just proof of how popular this event is.
Location : Via Flminia, Rome
When : October

6. Rome Jazz Festival

Rome Jazz FestivalThis is a festival which has been going on for a long time, the Rome Jazz Festival takes place in November. Many domestic and international big names come here to perform and serenade the people of Rome with their comforting music of jazz. Various venues hosts performances of jazz artists but the main ones are Casa del Jazz and Villa Celimontana, if jazz is your genre of music, take yourself to Rome for an ultimate jazz experience.
Location : Various venues in Rome
When : November

7. 100 Painters Via Margutta

100 Painters Via MarguttaVia Margutta has always been a favourite spot with Roman artists as it is considered as the art centre of the city of Rome. If you are an art connoisseur this may be an ideal event for you to attend as this event features thousands of art works of many talented local and international artists. Art in Rome has always been very famous and this event just secures their status.
Location : Via Margutta, Rome
When : April and November

8. La Festa di San Silvestro

La Festa di San SilvestroThis ‘festa’ takes place on 31st December, New Year’s Eve. Offering an abundant of family fun and excitement, this event takes place at the Piazza del Popolo. Traditional Italian cuisine, wine, live music concerts are on hand for people to enjoy and taking them into the New Year. Bored of spending New Year’s Eve in a place where the atmosphere is not so relaxed? This is the place to take you away from the big parties of New Year’s Eve.
Location : Piazza del Popolo, Rome
When : 31st December

9. New Year’s Day

New Year’s DayAfter the previous night’s ‘festa’, the day after, New Year’s Day, also hosts a fun filled event. Here, children can have fun with clowns, super heroes, acrobats and many more acts that will certainly provide enough blessing and happiness of the New Year to everyone. There is also a parade which a lot of people participate in, the parade goes along the Via della Conciliazione and finishes at St. Peter’s Square with the Pope giving his New Year’s Day blessings for all.
Location : Piazza del Popolo, Rome
When : 1st January

10. Epiphany

EpiphanyLocals and visitors of Rome commemorate the Roman Catholic Epiphany taking place every January. One of the most noteworthy events that take place is the Epiphany Toys Fair held at the Piazza Novana. Children and adults are joyful, it is a means to encourage Befana, an old lady believed to give toys to well behaved kids and coal to badly behaved kids. The main source of celebration is presenting gifts to young children.
Location : Piazza Novana
When : Early January