Top 10 Hotels in Rome

1. Regina Hotel Baglioni

Regina Hotel BaglioniDescription: A hotel that radiates the feeling of being in the old world, but yet meets all the needs and demands a modern traveler. A short walk from the famous attractions of the city, this is a hotel with a splendid location situated in the best of cities in the world. The interior is designed with a classical style and a strong art deco influences. The newly built Brunello Lounge and Restaurant has a modern design but the hotel’s most famous asset is the Chef Daniele Sera, a restaurant of Italian and Mediterranean combination.
Contact: Regina Hotel Baglioni, Via Veneto, 72 - 00187 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 421111
Fax: +39 06 42012130

2. Hotel Raphael

Hotel RaphaelDescription: Situated in the heart of Rome, Hotel Raphael is famous for its luxurious charms. When you step into the Hotel Raphael,you would be spectacular with art collection which makes you feel like you are in a local museums: paintings, lithographs, sculptures, antiquarian artifacts as well as a valuable collection of Picasso ceramics and Mayan art which are filled the lobby and are the legacy of the creative sensibility of the Raphael’s founder. The unforgettable façade with hanging vines and bougainvillea makes this hotel extra magical.
Contact: Largo Febo, 2 (Piazza Navona) 00186 - Rome
Telephone:+39 06 682831
Fax: +39 06 6878993

3. Hotel Lord Byron

Hotel Lord ByronDescription: Travelers who has a chance of staying here will love everything about this hotel, the lavish surroundings, the flawless service and the outstanding location of this hotel. Named after the Romantic poet, the hotel’s atmosphere and surroundings suits the name and reputation of the leading figure in Romanticism. Hotel Lord Byron provides guests with an escape away from busy streets of Rome, a retreat away from city life to a relaxing, warm accommodation.
Contact: Via Giuseppe De Notaris, 5 - 00197 Rome
Telephone:+39 06 3220 404
Fax: +39 06 3220 405

4. Hotel Bernini Bristol

Hotel Bernini BristolDescription: Named after an English aristocrat and a famous Baroque artist (whose work can be seen in front of the hotel), it has welcomed, for over a century, royal and VIP guests from all over the world. Although Hotel Bernini Bristol was established in the 19th century but it has been renovated with modern facilities and each room is elegantly decorated to make your stay even more luxurious. After a busy day of business or pleasure, guests can take advantage of the SINA Wellness Club with gym, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi and various available treatments.
Contact: Piazza Barberini, 23- 00187 Rome
Telephone:+39 06488931
Fax: +39 064824266

5. Hotel Veneto

Hotel VenetoDescription: The Hotel Veneto is a three star establishment located in a six story building built at the end of the 19th century, in 1887. Its location is sublime, right in the most historic part of Rome, presenting visitors with a chance to visit the famous Via Veneto. The striking architecture is that of the Romantic Italian style which makes the hotel more appealing than ever. The attractive atmosphere, the friendly service will sure make a stay here an unforgettable one.
Contact: Hotel Veneto Rome, Via Piemonte, 63 - 00187 Rome
Telephone:+39 06 487801
Fax: +39 06 42814583

6. La Griffe Hotel

La Griffe HotelDescription: La Griffe Hotel is located on Via Nazionale in the centre of Rome in a historic 19th century street corner building, surrounded by design boutiques that would sure to please all the hardcore shoppers. The decorations inside is neatly calculated to suit the scenery and spaces available, the interior offers a hidden utopia that is La Griffe Hotel.
Contact: Via Nazionale 13- 00184 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 47829885
Fax: +39 06 47825714

7. Sheraton Golf Parco De’ Medici

Sheraton Golf Parco De’ MediciDescription: A hotel with a 27 hole golf course that is sure to provide you with a warm, country atmosphere stay. Not situated in the heart of Rome like other top hotels, a 15 km drive to the city centre takes you away to your perfect getaway, 18 kilometres from the Leonardo da Vinci International airport, which enjoys a great reputation for being the headquarters of important golf events, such as the Mercedes Trophy. Top quality materials used to build this place meaning it offers a welcoming architecture which can be witnessed in both public and private areas.
Contact: 39, Viale Salvatore Rebecchini - 00148 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 65288
Fax: +39 06 65287060

8. Black Hotel

Black HotelDescription: A new addition to the Rome hotel scene, Black Hotel opened in 2005. A new modern designer hotel that is rich in vegetation and a relaxing garden. The entrance is done in a rather unique manner, with a pathway in the midst of nature leading up to a modern building with a bronze door, silver roof and a black façade, hence the name Black Hotel. In this hotel one could not help but soaking up the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that is always around moving away from the chaos of city life, to make sure that guests are happy and satisfied with their stay.
Contact: 18, Via Raffaello Sardiello - 00165 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 65288
Fax: +39 06 65287060

9. The Bailey’s Hotel

The Bailey’s HotelDescription: A hotel that is prestigious, has an extra sense of elegance and just a few minutes walk from Rome’s main attractions. Formerly this hotel was a 19th century palace but was recently transformed into a four star hotel, whether your stay is for business or for leisure, a stay at The Bailey’s Hotel will not disappoint. The location of the Bailey’s Hotel is one of the strong points about the establishment, giving easy and rapid access to the majority of the historic and modern treasures of Rome.
Contact: 39, Via Flavia 00187 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 42020486
Fax: +39 06 42020170

10. Hotel Quirinale

Hotel QuirinaleDescription: A former palace in the 19th century, Hotel Quirinale knows exactly how to preserve the old elegance of the palace and bringing back the charming atmosphere of a palace. Situated right in the middle of Rome, a few steps away from the world famous Piazza di Spagna this is a hotel which gives you the feeling of being the king and queen of this palace. The public areas are like an authentic museum, with antique furniture and original oil paintings that prove the building’s grand history while giving a warm and charming atmosphere.
Contact: 7, Via Nazionale - 00184 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 4707
Fax: +39 06 4820099