Top Ten Restaurants in Rome

1. Agata e Romeo

Agata e RomeoDescription: A family restaurant that has been around for three generations, serving traditional Roman food, with a large collection of wine to make your meal smashingly delicious. Romeo is the expert sommelier, with virtually every label of wine that one wishes to drink with their meal (more than 1500 labels in his cellar) and Agata is the chef with interesting and unique recipes for her traditional Roman dishes. Menu changes and updated depending on seasons.
: Italian, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 4466115
Opening Times: Monday-Friday 12.00pm-3.00pm, 7.00pm-11.30pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday
Location: Via Carlo Alberto 45

2. Checchino dal 1887

Checchino dal 1887Description: Another fine restaurant that serves traditional Roman food, although a wide range of conventional Italian dishes are available. For those who like to try new things in life, veal hearts with artichokes or oxtail stew is highly recommended. For those who are less adventurous can stick to the homemade pastas or salads, desserts are not to be missed.
Cuisine: Italian, Roman
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 5746318
Opening Times: 12.30pm-3.00pm, 8.00pm-12.00am
Location: Via di Monte Testaccio 30

3. Colline Emiliane

Colline EmilianeDescription: A family run restaurant which will most definitely take you away from all the hustle of busy streets of Rome. Menu consists of a wide range of Italian food, mainly focusing on homemade pastas with the very best of sauces. The house specialties are known to be tortellini in broth or pumpkin ravioli.
Cuisine: Regional
Reservations: Tel- +39 06-4817538
Opening Times: Opens Tuesday to Sunday 12.45pm-2.45pm, 7.45pm-10.45pm
Location: Via Avignonesi 22

4. Etabli

EtabliDescription:This place is deemed as a new establishment compared to those other restaurants in Rome that are now run by the second or third generations, rather hip it gives a new approach to food and renovation. It is a café, restaurant and a wine bar put into one, it is beautifully decorated, one may have an impression that they are sitting in a rather plush living room with comfortable armchairs and sofas.
Cuisine: Italian, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 6871499
Opening Times: Daily 9.00am-11.00pm
Location: Vicolo delle Vacche 9

5. Il Bacaro

Il BacaroDescription: A rather romantic spot where each table is lit by classic dripping candles to give you a sensual feeling of a passionate meal with your partner. Enjoy your meal with the finest of Italian wine as here, they offer you the very best with their exclusive wine list that is sure to satisfy your appetite. Walls decorated white decorated with simple frescoes, providing a pure classic atmosphere.
Cuisine: Italian, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 687 2554
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 8.00pm-12.00am, hours may vary seasonally
Location: Via degli Spagnoli 27

6. La Montecarlo

La MontecarloDescription: When coming to this spot expect something special as this place is run by the daughter of the celebrated Pizzeria da Baffetto. Their menu offers delicious pizzas that a trip to Rome would not be fulfilled without a meal here. Not as formal as other renowned restaurants of Rome, provides a more relaxed and fun atmosphere, a good time and good food guaranteed.
Cuisine: Italian, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 6861877
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday 12.30pm-3.30pm, 6.30pm-1.00am
Location: Vicolo Savelli 12

7. La Pergola

La PergolaDescription: Ranked in the top fifty best restaurants in the world, awarded with three Michelin stars and a whole collection of other prestigious awards from around the world. The dining area defines the word elegance, their wine cellar has more than 1800 labels (more than 48000 bottles available). The food is worth every single praise that it gets from people who have dined here as most feel that this is the best Rome has to offer.
Cuisine: Italian, European, Continental, Mediterranean
Reservations:, Tel- +39 06 35092165
Opening Times: Tuesday-Saturday 7.30pm-12.00am
Location: Via A. Cadlolo 101, Cavalieri Hilton

8. La Trattoria

La TrattoriaDescription: A restaurant where premium Sicilian food is brought to Rome for a taste of Southern cuisine. Chef Fillippo La Mantia opens the door to Sicilian dining for his guests, bringing exclusive recipes from his homeland. For those who wish to explore the world of true Sicilian food and to find out what the real Mafia really eat, this is your place to finally find out.
Cuisine: Italian, Regional, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 68301425
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 12.00pm-3.00pm, 7.30pm-12.00am
Location: Via del Pozzo delle Cornacchie 25

9. La Villetta dal 1940

La Villetta dal 1940Description: A family run restaurant that has been around for the last sixty years and still going strong, this restaurant is all about tradition, even the menu is kept traditional. The usage of simple, basic ingredients produces rich flavors that the people of Rome seem to have fallen for. Very popular amongst wealthy locals and especially Italian footballers and celebrities.
Cuisine: Italian, Regional, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 5750597
Opening Times: Daily 12.00pm-3.00pm, 7.30pm-12.00am
Location: Via della Piramide Cestia 53

10. Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

Taverna dei Fori ImperialiDescription: Another family run restaurant with a husband and wife running the show, a small restaurant with an atmosphere of being in the couple’s home. This place displays the kind Italian hospitality and exposes the beauty of Italian cuisine. Their recipes consists of a variety of Sicilian, Roman and Umbrian food plus chef’s own innovations to add more flavour to each dish.
Cuisine: Italian, Regional, European
Reservations: Tel- +39 06 6798643
Opening Times: Wednesday-Monday 12.00pm-3.00pm, 7.30pm-12.00am
Location: Via della Madonna dei Monti 16