Top Ten Shopping Places in Rome

1. Artimport

This is one of the leading stores concerning antique shopping. Considered as rather upscale it is decorated with marble floors, beautiful glass shelves displaying goods for purchase and an antique table display. Goods such as candlestick holders and goblets are the main goods that are sold here but goods such as prints, antique clocks and mirrors and fine antique china are also sold here.
Location : Via del Babuino 150
Contact : Tel +39 06 3221330

2. Buccone

A very famous store renowned for its grand selection of fine wine, numerous sweets and candies can also be found here. It is also said that the sandwiches and soups here taste great, something that can be consumed whilst you are making up your mind as to what to buy due to the fact that the selection is rather large.
Location : Via Ripetta 19
Contact : Tel +39 06 3612154

3. Bvlgari

Been in operation since the 1890’s, this luxurious store offers the finest silk scarves, jewelry and leather goods. Goods like necklaces, earrings and rings can be found here and they do look very impressive. The name Bvlgari leads to the word expensive but you will find that prices range from affordable to ferociously expensive.
Location : Via Condotti 10
Contact : Tel +39 06 6793876

4. Castroni

For those who love to cook, and not just easy to make dishes but the ones that require particular ingredients from places around the world. This store has unique and international ingredients for purchase that are stacked from the floor all the way up to the ceiling! Need a particular ingredient? This is your store to purchase such ingredient.
Location : Via Cola di Rienzo 196
Contact : Tel +39 06 6874383

5. Cesare Lampronti

An art store that sells the best oil paintings, with a broad selection of works from the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Most subjects of these paintings concern complex paintings that depicts a typical Italian life, whether its sitting around a side street café to mob related paintings, conservative landscapes can also be found here.
Location : Via del Babuino 174-175
Contact : Tel +39 06 3227194

6. Eddy Monetti

This is thought to be a somewhat traditional but fashionable store for men’s clothing. Goods sold here range from sweaters, jackets, ties and cashmere, cotton or wool slacks, most of them are chic Italian and British brand names. Only men’s clothes? Fear not ladies, the women’s store sits at the Via Borgognona 35.
Location : Via Condotti 63/a
Contact : Tel +39 06 6783794

7. Gucci

Many fashion followers would say that designer Tom Ford was one of the best things that ever happened to giant fashion house Gucci and his departure may possibly, deeply affect their brand. After some changes in designers, they proved the doubters wrong as Gucci is still one of the leading brand names in the world with every inch of sexiness and chic still intact. Men’s and women’s clothing garments and shoes, handbags, watches and perfume are offered to shoppers.
Location : Via Condotti 8, and Via Borgognona 7
Contact : +39 06

8. Missoni

This is a very popular store, particularly with the younger male and female crowd as this boutique store gives its shoppers a very entertaining shopping experience when coming here. The inside is decorated in a very trendy manner with new and old but still cool designs radiating a retro patterned look.
Location : Piazza di Spagna 78

9. Nicola di Castro

This is, to some extent, a very untidy antique store with their goods scattered all over the place and not arranged accordingly, though it does not take away the fact that this is a very good place to shop for antiques. There is a variety of ceramics, chests, chairs and tables that can be discovered here but it may take some time to search for what you desire.
Location : Via del Babuino 92/a-b
Contact : Tel +39 06 6790201

10. Valentino

If those of the female crowd wish to look as trendy and dazzling as the likes of Victoria Beckham, Valentino will provide such looks for you with their everlasting designs. This store offers more affordable goods but if you wish to shop for more upscale dresses and evening gowns, visit the Valentino store on the Via Condotti 13. The men’s store is located on the Via Bocca di Leone 15.
Location : Via del Babuino 61