Top 10 Bars in Rome

1. Alexanderplatz

AlexanderplatzDescription: Branded as one of the best jazz bars in Rome, Alexanderplatz has a reputation for great live music, chilled out and friendly atmosphere. It hosts Italian, foreign and a wide range of American jazz musicians who come here to perform nightly. Whilst listening to live music, Alexanderplatz also serves as a restaurant so people can enjoy the soothing music as well as enjoy delicious food.
Address: Via Ostia 9, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 39742171
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 9.00pm-2.00am, Concerts start at 10.30pm

2. The Drunken Ship

The Drunken ShipDescription: Many think of this place as the best club/bar in Rome, with its modern designs that distinguishes it from other venues that are more classical. For locals, if you are the trendiest Romans it is a place to go but also welcome tourists looking for a good time. Although not a wide range of beers available, wine is the alternative.
Address: 20 Campo dei Fiori, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 68300535
Opening Times: Daily 5.00pm-2.00am

3. Jonothan’s Angels

Jonothan’s AngelsDescription: Many would derive the name from the infamous biker gang Hell’s Angels or the beautiful trio that make up Charlie’s Angels, this place has nothing to do with neither. Interestingly decorated with over the top colours, decorated with plastic furniture and even pop art that one could be mistaken for thinking it’s a Warhol museum! The music that plays here is live piano from local artists who ask the audience to join in, a fun and lively place to be on a Friday night.
Address: Via della Fossa 16 Piazza Navona, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 6689 3426
Opening Times: Monday 8.00pm-2.00am, Tuesday-Sunday 1.00pm-2.00am

4. Bar del Fico

Bar del FicoDescription: This place used to be an old coffee bar but now it has turned into a street-side bar that, especially on summer nights, get so packed that one would think they queuing up for a Roma vs. Lazio match! There are not many places which can be compared to this, as one as soak up the sun with their drink and watch all the beautiful people of Rome pass by. The lively atmosphere and the friendly banter classifies this place to be fun and pleasant.
Address: Piazza del Fico, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 668 65205
Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 9.00am-2.00am, Sunday 12.00pm-2.00am

5. Caruso Café de Oriente

Caruso Café de OrienteDescription: A place for those Roman salsa fanatics to come to listen to Latin American music, dance the night away or even hang out. Live Latin American music serenades the crowd on a nightly basis, topping off with a similar DJ set to end a perfect night. If salsa is your cup of tea, Caruso Café de Oriente should not be missed.
Address: Via di Monte Testaccio 36, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 5745019
Opening Times: Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday 10.30pm-3.30am, Friday-Saturday 11.00pm-4.30am

6. Zest Bar

Zest BarDescription: Walking in this bar may have many fooled for being Miami, as the Miami style is brought over to Rome in this exclusive bar on the seventh floor roof top of the Es Hotel. During colder seasons the roof closes to provide the comfort of keeping warm but summer is really the season for this place , fear not because whatever the season you will find the good looking people of the film and fashion industry lurking around with friends, though tourists are always welcomed.
Address: Es Hotel Via Filippo Turati 171, Via F Turati 171 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 444841
Opening Times: Tuesday-Thursday, Sunday 10.30pm-3.30am, Friday-Saturday 11.00pm-4.30am

7. Bartaruga

BartarugaDescription: Influenced by the Baroque style, this chic bar is a favourite for footballers, models, celebrities, you name them! It consists of a grand interior with flamboyant ceilings and furniture and comes with a rather pricey drinks list. Music played there varies from soul, funk, and house and gets louder through the night as the beautiful ladies hit the dance floor, should not be missed then.
Address: Piazza Mattei 8, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 6689 2299
Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 3.00pm-2.00am

8. Salotto 42

Salotto 42Description:This model owned bar is considered as bourgeois bohemian coffee shop by day and a cocktail bar by night. Lined with big books concerning fashion, movies, music and art for its customers to enjoy if they feel like reading whilst enjoying their afternoon coffee. At night, customers can sip on a cocktail whilst relaxing on stylish armchairs with Swedish snacks. With the owner being a Scandinavian model, imagine the crowd inside.
Address: Piazza di Pietra 42, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 6785804

9. Spago

SpagoDescription:Deemed as a historic bar but the music is rather modern, with a mixture of different types of music playing each night, wash it down it different type of drinks that are offered here. This place starts the night off with live music, later on playing funk, house and dirty garage beats that will sure to life your behinds from your seats. It is a bar/music venue/gallery that displays works of local artists.
Address: 35 Via Monte Testaccio, Rome
Telephone: +39 06 5 744999

10. Ex- Magazzini

Ex- MagazziniDescription:Not exactly a style bar but rather a club-bar that is located in a converted warehouse. A huge line of people queuing up to hear live acts, that is both local and international, play progressive trance downstairs while upstairs is for those to get intimate on the comfortable sofas at the same time as listening to chill out lounge music. With video projections, fine cocktails and models fresh off the catwalk, why wouldn’t one head there on the weekend?
Address: 8 Via dei Magazzini Generali ,Rome
Telephone: +39 06 575 8040